31.3.23 // 9 Uhr // Forum


A Creative Writing Workshop in English
Mit Lisa Jeschke (Lyriker*in) &  Markus Ostermair (Schriftsteller)

Like every big city, Munich invites you to walk and be active – or to sit and observe. It’s a vibrant and exciting place to meet people – but also an expensive place excluding people. There are cars everywhere – but also foxes finding new habitats … Based on your experiences living in, or moving through, or imagining Munich, in this workshop you’ll get to discuss and write about life in the city. What are the rhythms of the everyday? What kind of spaces can you hang out in? Which places fascinate you, yet you’ve never dared to step in? What could a sci-fi utopian/dystopian Munich look like?
These and more questions you can explore through both collective and individual texts, whether poetry, prose, song, autobiography or map. The aim is not to write flawlessly in English (English is as wild as cities are!) or to produce perfect, polished texts, but to think experimentally about city life: always under construction.